Family Child Care Homes

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Our high quality network provides flexible days and hours to meet the individualized needs of our families. A Go Kids, Inc. team of FCC Specialists provide regular visits to provide technical assistance, encourage quality and on-going professional development. Our FCC Specialists also share local resources with our family child care homes to benefit the children and families they are serving. In partnership with the contracted, hard-working small business operators, our Go Kids, Inc. FCC Network delivers high quality child care and development services for over 600 children daily. The family child care model is often favored by families of young children due to the smaller group size, consistent primary caregiver, personal touch and home like environment.

Each family child care provider was selected by Go Kids as they have received formal early childhood education units, have quality environment and offer developmentally appropriate programs for children birth through 12 years of age. Every family child care home is both unique in structure and learning opportunities to meet the individualized needs of children and families.

After meeting standards of quality, selected providers are invited into our Network and receive on-going support. Go Kids, Inc. FCC Specialists complete regular home visit consultations for overall program evaluation and review each provider’s operation for state mandated compliance. In addition, on-going professional development is provided through network meetings, agency sponsored trainings, technical assistance and referrals to local lending libraries and other community based trainings

Go Kids, Inc. in partnership with our network of providers, is committed to creating and maintaining quality family child care programs for children that foster social, emotional, physical and cognitive development while recognizing the importance of family, culture and community.