GK Financial Services

 GK Financial, a social enterprise of Go Kids, Inc. offers fiscal back office services to other non-profit agencies. Research indicates that in times of financial and budgetary crisis, non-profits struggle to maximize their mission-related services or to simply survive. For many, the struggle has resulted in cutbacks in administrative services in the areas of Human Resources, Finance and Information Technologies. GK Financial offers fiscal services to those non-profit organizations resulting in increased program focus, improved reporting, and access to financial expertise.

Go Kids has developed very strong fiscal capabilities as a child development agency managing very diverse and complex funding streams. Given the high level of fiscal expertise and extensive contract/regulatory compliance experience, we are positioned to offer these services to other non-profit agencies with a focus primarily in and around our 4 county service area.

Our menu of services can be customized to fit the needs of our client agencies. We offer both Administrative and Management Services ranging from purchasing, general transaction recording and financial statement presentation to budgeting, audit management and board presentations. In addition, clients' financial records are set up and recorded in fund accounting software (MIP), are accessible to authorized personnel at any time, and are stored in a very secure environment which is backed up daily (on site and off site)

For more information contact us toll free at:  1.888.288.8554 or visit www.gkfinancial.org